Fees, Payment & Policies

Office or Distance Session Fees


Individual Counseling

30 minutes–Introductory Meeting –Free
55 minutes, individual — $150 ($125*)
80 minutes, Individual — $225 ($200*)
Longer sessions are available and are prorated.

Couples/Family Counseling

45 minutes–Introductory Meeting –Free
[55 minutes, couple–$160 ($135*) I will only see couples for 55 minutes after enough progress has been made.]
80 minutes, couple, family — $240 ($215*)
Longer sessions are available and are prorated.

*$25 Bookkeeping Counseling Discount —Applicable when:

  • Full payment is made at time of service
  • Client does not require a diagnosis or diagnostic paperwork such as:
    • a claim submission
    • claim invoice for insurance reimbursement (see below)
    • or any other diagnostic paperwork

HSP Coaching & Consulting fees

30 minutes–Introductory Meeting –Free  (Coaching only–unless exploring a more comprehensive consulting contract.)*
55-minute session — $130
80-minute session — $195

Coaching and Consulting are not reimbursable by insurance companies.
*I don’t offer a free meeting for HSP Consulting.
This is for 2 reasons: 1) HSP Consulting is generally just a few sessions rather than ongoing work, and 2) Consulting isn’t reliant on the goodness of fit between practitioner & client.  The exception is if you are looking for more extensive consultation about how your organization can better serve either HSP clientele or employees.


I am an Out-of-Network Provider only.

This means that I am not contracted with any insurance companies and therefore am not a  “preferred provider” or “in-network” with any insurance companies. (When you ask a provider, “Do you take XYZ insurance?”, technically you are asking if the provider has contracted with an insurance company and is therefore, “in-network”.)

However, you may have out-of-network benefits with your insurance plan which means that your insurance company may cover a portion of my fee.

Please call and ask your insurance carrier if you have out-of network benefits for”behavioral” or “mental health” services and what your “out-of network deductible” is. Click here for a complete list of what to ask your insurance provider  to calculate the approximate portion of my fee they may pay. Many plans with out-of-network benefits have a separate out-of-network deductible that must be paid in full, before benefits will be paid. This must be paid separately from your regular (in-network) deductible. This is an important consideration when you are trying to determine whether it would be of greater benefit to use my bookkeeping discount or to use your insurance.

It may be possible, depending on which insurance company/plan you are working with, for me to submit the claim to your insurance company for the portion that they will pay–I assess this on a case by case basis.
But please understand that even in the case that I try billing your insurance company, payment of the full fee is due until the first payment from the insurance company comes back (and/or until your out-of-network deductible is met), because it is not until then that we ever really know the exact amount they will be paying. After we know what the actual portion of your payment will be, you can pay that amount at time of session.

Additionally, please understand that working with insurance companies means that we will be defining your challenges in terms of mental health disorders and a mental health diagnosis will be recorded in your medical record.

Self-Awareness Counseling Payment & Policies


  • You, the client, are responsible for payment of all fees unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Fees are due at the beginning of, or before each session.
  • Failure to pay a session fee may lead to an immediate rescheduling of that appointment.
  • You may prefer to pay in advance (e.g. electronically, or write check ahead of time) in order to save session time.

Fees are payable by:

  • Cash
  • Check made out to Deborah Orandon (NOT Self-Awareness Counseling)
  • Credit/Debit Card–PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU INTEND TO PAY WITH PLASTIC and I will send an email invoice through Square for pre-session payment. This is because the square and paypal card readers don’t seem to work well in my office. I do charge a $5 service fee ($6 for charges over $145) when using the credit/debit card service.
  • PayPalDirect electronic payments are free using Paypal, when your bank account is connected to your paypal account, and the correct settings are used to send the payment. Please ask for more details about set up.
  • VenmoDirect electronic payments are free using Venmo, when your bank account is connected to your Venmo account. Please ask for more details about set up.
  • Money Order made out to Deborah Orandon (NOT Self-Awareness Counseling)

Cancellation/lateness policy

  • I require 24 hours notice for cancellation of a scheduled appointment, otherwise the full fee for the session is due.
    • Receipt of cancellation notice needs to have been confirmed  when delivered by text or email, since occasionally electronic transmissions DO fail. If you don’t hear back from me that it was received, don’t hesitate to re-send or use additional means of contact.
    • An alternative to cancelling an appointment is a phone or video chat appointment.
  • As much advance notice as possible for cancellations is always appreciated.
  • You are responsible for keeping appointments and arriving on time.
  • Typically, sessions won’t be extended due to late arrival. If I am running late you will receive the full length of the session, but it will run past the scheduled time slot.
  • If cancellation and rescheduling becomes frequent, the situation will be discussed and other agreements for scheduling and/or payment will be created.

Alcohol & Drug Policy

Please do not use alcohol or non-prescription drugs (including cannabis, unless the strain has virtually no THC) before your counseling, coaching or consultation appointment.  I reserve the right to terminate a session if it becomes evident that you are under the influence.  The full fee will be charged for the terminated session.


  • By appointment only–Noon to mid-evening.
  • Office appointments: Tuesdays – Thursdays, Mondays every other week.
  • Distance appointments: Mondays and some irregular Tuesday-Thursday time slots

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