IFS Experiential Coaching

The purpose of this IFS work is to offer streamlined IFS facilitated sessions (IFS In-sight and/or Direct Access work) to those not needing the full support of mental health counseling services. This work may also include coaching for the client around improving the Self-Parts relationships between sessions and when working on their own.

The In-sight and Direct Access methods used in IFS are experiential techniques where the client is invited to focus inward during the session and is guided on an inner journey getting to know specific parts of themselves. In this IFS coaching work we tend to dive in more immediately to the IFS parts work than is sometimes the case with counseling work. In counseling, depending on the issues a client is working on, there may be more extensive check-ins about the client’s overall mental and behavioral health, with IFS sometimes taking a backseat to other more pressing solution-focus or mental health work. The IFS Experiential Coaching work is not meant to be a substitute for the full support and treatment of mental health counseling or psychotherapy if it is  needed. (If there is a question about the service most appropriate for a potential client, it will be determined during the introductory consultation.)

These sessions are geared to those who have had some previous exposure to the IFS model with some experiences of guided IFS sessions (some exceptions may apply). This may have been during an IFS training or with another IFS practitioner or therapist. It may also be appropriate as an adjunct to a client’s therapy with another licensed therapist or counselor. Therapists, or those who have already done a lot of deep personal work, may also find this the work they are looking for when wanting to explore their inner realms with just a light touch of guidance.

In general, this is an option for those seeking more opportunity to be safely guided into deeper Self-Parts discovery work, who have supportive people/structures in their lives, and are not relying on a more intensive level of mental health treatment from the coaching process.

This coaching work may also be combined with general life coaching and/or HSP Coaching (Coaching for the Highly Sensitive Person).

Please note: Since this is coaching and not professional counseling, this service does not involve diagnosing mental health disorders and is therefore not covered by health insurance.